The crew of GAJCOM:

Heres who we are - the people who care for you and about you at GAJCOM d.o.o.:

Will be more than happy to help you select the best products for you, and choose the best printing technique, too.

Darja KaltnekarManager

Really knows a lot about computers, printing machinery and the print. Always at your disposal for any technical questions.

Robert Kaltnekar tehcnical support

A passionate photographer, interested in everything - except politics. Our chief graphic designer and your connection to our printers.

Darinka Kaltnekar Novakgraphic department manager

The most reliable silkscreen printer, who can deal with very complicated designs and special effects, too.

Gašper Novaksilkscreen cheef of staff

A mother of twins, who by default can only think about nice things while printing your t-shirts. She will also gladly give you advise on Grafco inks and silkscreen printing.

Tamara Bočkohead of the ink and machinery department

Helping with ...

Mitja Gruntthe online wizard

We are all thinking of you every second of every day.
We will however be glad if you will call us only from Monday to Friday between 8h and 15h at + 386 1 54 22 300.
But you may of course e-mail us at any time at We will answer as soon as we wake up:)